In 2009 I went to Mtwapa with my niece, who is the founder of a non-profit called Reason 2 Smile. We went there to check out a school she wanted to support through her organization. This journal is more about the overall feeling of a place I've always wanted to experience rather than a documentation of what we did in Kenya. It's what the people looked like to me and what the environment felt like to me. I keep these kinds of journals because they inspire future work when I get what is equivalent to a 'writer's block' for an illustrator. It helps me remember what had inspired me about a certain piece at the time, and that memory recollection always brings back my flow. Some of these drawings were done during my trip - in the aeroplane, others in Mtwapa, and some I completed when I got back home.


Mtwapa Days | A Sketchbook Journal

A short video


My favourite pages from this sketchbook


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