Education Week NEWSPAPER has been one of my CONSISTENT clients for over 25 years. We've collaborated on many Editorial projects. here's my portfolio, featuring some of my illustrations and a glimpse of my creative process.


Process | Concept to Print-Ready

The apple illustration above is my latest project with Education Week Newspaper (EdWeek). The article was titled "Exit, Voice, Loyalty - and the Common Core", published on Jan 14th, 2015. So here's a little glimpse of how I come up with an editorial illustration for an article. Following the image sequence above: I receive the article through email. I read and then look for the core message. I usually come up with 2-5 visual concepts to emphasize that message (this is the point where traditional sketching comes in). I email the rough thumbnails to the Art Director. EdWeek team picks the strongest concept of the bunch. I head to final with the illustration - I combine the ink drawing with digital color for the final artwork. The entire process takes about 2 weeks from start to finish. By the time I'm done, I've learned a little more of what's going on in the education world and then feel rewarded by knowing that my artwork is in print and seen by their readership! I always look forward to the next EdWeek project. 


Final illustrations | Click on image to enlarge


On Print | Click on image to enlarge


Annual Report Special | Click on image to enlarge

This was a special project that was both challenging and fun: EdWeek's Annual Report, printed for 2008. I don't have the pages so I can't show how it looked like in print. The process of coming up with these illustration was more or less the same as the one I shared above. The main difference was that I had a longer story to show through the imagery, with a common theme to carry through. The piece that was used for the Annual Report cover was the first image below, the rest were used inside the report - for highlighting different sections of the report.

"Nip Rogers is a reliable and inspired illustrator. His sketches always reveal an understanding of the content and a creative perspective.
During the decades we have collaborated, his style has evolved and developed to keep up with changing trends, stay fresh and remain relevant. Nip is one of our GO-TO illustrators." - Vanessa Solis, Associate Art Director of Education Week.

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