Steamy Hot Coffee with Ginger / by Nip Rogers

Photographed by Shaun Ondack.

I’ve painted and carved this image, to finish, in a smaller scale, but sometimes I like working large, carving wood in bigger curves, painting, erasing, painting over, carving into the paint, building layers and textures as I go, and just spending some alone-time with my piece as I work at it and again when I’m done.  That’s my form of meditation. 

And when I see someone else appreciate it like this, I feel like I’ve achieved a higher place in meditation. Photographed by Doug.

The title of the piece is hidden inside the artwork itself: Steamy Hot Coffee with Ginger. This piece is now available for purchase. If you’re interested, get in touch!

Summers in Saranac Lake means art and I'm in! I'm showing this new, huge and vibrant, carved and painted, coffee piece. I find that there’s almost a mystical connection between an artist and his/her coffee, let’s call this painting an ode to that relationship; painted in varied, passionate, and irregular meter. Salut.

P.S. Shoutout to these brilliant photographers and friends, Shaun Ondack and Doug!