Memories Of Lake Placid / by Nip Rogers

So here's the follow up for my Lake placid map project that I blogged about before. If you haven't read it and you want to then you can find it here: Mapping My Way Back Home.

Back to the topic of this blog post: for those that haven't been, Lake Placid is a small town, in upstate New York, that is known around the world as a place where two Winter Olympic Games were held – very few places in this world can boast that. In fact, one of only two places in the world that can say that, but to me it’s just a place I call home. As promised, here's the finished map!


Complete map.


I've moved away from home three times now: my first move was the year before the second Olympics happened, I did so to go to college. My second time, four years after college, I moved to make a family of my own. 32 years later, which brings us close to now, I moved again and this time it was for me - to find a place where I could dive deep into the oceans of my presence. That journey led me right back home, to Lake Placid. It was there all along; heart is where home is, I know, I turned the quote around :)

Detail, first part of the map. Highlights: Jumps and horses.


Many years spent back and forth home, things have been moved around in the town I grew up in. People come and go and new things replace the old, but there are a few things that stay the same; the cold, cold weather us people of Lake Placid know too well and all the things one can do in a winter like that; the time when the snow starts to fade away and the sweet smell of maple syrup starts dancing around many parts of the atmosphere; then the warmth of the sunny summer days and its cozy nights; then the leaves start to grow into colors of passion and the lakes are so placid that they mirror everything that stares into them; the neighborhoods and its people; that is what I'd call ‘home’.

Detail. Second part of the map. Highlights: Olympics and The Sugar Shack

I drew all parts of this map mostly from memory, starting with where the Ski-jumps are, then revisiting the home I grew up in (still my home to this day), and ending with the Lake Placid Center for the Arts (being an artist, that center means a lot to me).


Detail. Third and last part of this map. Highlights: Streets and lakes (and our house).

Though Lake Placid is often remembered for its winters, I hold warm feelings for it. And so this is a summer map - to share with you that warmth I feel when I think of this snowy place – marking some of the many things to look forward to every summer.


I'm super psyched to announce that this map has been featured on They Draw And Travel: a website which contains the biggest collection of illustrated maps anywhere! Visit this awesome website here:


To see the full scale of this project, visit the I Heart Lake Placid chapter of my website. If you like what you've seen here so far then you won't be disappointed! Click on below image to visit.