I am a #HeForShe / by Nip Rogers

Sometimes I like watching viral videos because I use them as my gauge for where humanity as a whole is at. Yesterday I saw that the latest viral video was of the amazing "Harry Potter girl", Emma Watson, giving a speech on how the word ‪#‎feminism‬ should be used and remembered as a positive one, worn proudly for a badge by men and women alike! My sentiments exactly. Our humanity levels have been restored!

The reason I get so fired up over feminist issues is because I know, first hand, how impeding gender inequality can be. I am married to a young woman who comes from a very genderist background, yet continues to beat the odds and choose to face the world in her own terms. It is amazing to watch her and all the other women and girls out there doing that. So here is me standing in solidarity with all those brave women out there. 

These ‪#‎illustrations‬ and this mini speech are my way of showing to the world my support for ‪#‎genderequality‬ as a ‪#‎HeForShe‬.