Lake Placid Mugs / by Nip Rogers

Jon, of Lake Placid Center for the Arts, and myself posing in front of the main street gallery and theater ticket booth with the mugs.

The Lake Placid Center for the Arts has asked me to display and sell my Lake Placid art mugs in their main street gallery and box office (moment of glory). Seemed appropriate, so I said ‘Yes’.  If you haven’t been there check out their new space and see what you think. Find them at 2608 Main Street. They’ve got great pieces in there. They carry some of my art work as well.

These are the two designs of the mugs.


Hey! It's me, posing with my favorite version of the two.

If you'd like to get one, visit the Lake Placid Center for the Arts' box office down at main street, located at 17 Algonquin Drive in Lake Placid, NY. Or if you're not in Lake Placid and not visiting soon, you can still get some by clicking the button below!