Keep on keeping / by Nip Rogers

April and May, I was in Nairobi. Working my way on coming back to the US and making it a permanent home for my wife and I. It was a long process, but we’re here now – in Lake Placid, NY.


Best part about being an illustrator is that I get to carry my work with me. I’ve done an editorial illustration for EdWeek for May and June while I was travelling. It was tricky to come up with concepts while my mind was occupied with passports, transits, visas and luggage, but hearing back from the art director with those magic words: ‘Hey, everyone in the boardroom loved your concepts. We’ve picked our favorite one out of the options you’ve sent us!’ that was a breath of fresh air in the midst of those raw and dusty roads of Gigiri, Nairobi! So, Vanessa, thank you!


This one below was for May. About how home schooled students are taking money from the over-all budget of any given school district. Majority of the population disapproves; the article was addressing that and also informing the reader about how the money is being split unevenly. Here’s the ‘virtual’ tear sheet.


And here’s the one for June. This was about the testing that many parents opting their children out of, and how standardized school tests are not working, why they’re not, and the fact that many parents are voicing their opinions against it, which they feel, is going unheard.


This is why I love my job; by the time I come up with a couple of concepts, I have also gained knowledge which I previously didn’t have! It’s all good! Looking forward to my next mission (should I choose to accept it. Ha!) (Speaking of which, I need to watch the new Mission impossible movie. A new idea for a date with my wife.)