Celebrating 25 + years with Education Week / by Nip Rogers


Part of making a living as a freelance artist is that things aren’t always consistent. Life doesn’t run on the usual nine-to-five-fixed-income-y schedule like it does for most sane people. And that means that some days I am richer and happier than others. I’ve been at this for over 25 years now and I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes along with choosing Illustration as a career for the rest of my life. I love it, but like any other life partner, you gotta keep the lovin’ comin’ through all the mood swings like: risk of being a ‘homeless’, lack of knowing what the next two months look like financially, lack of having a ‘real’ job in the eyes of friends and family, dealing with clients that make me feel like I should establish a price list for ‘scale of attitude’ – to charge the yucky-tuders a little bit more than my really nice clients, and this list goes on. But the good that comes out of this outweighs all of that. I’m celebrating 25 years of a stable relationship with one of my all time favorite clients: Education Week.

Along the way I have also learned so many things about the US education system, and many of the drawbacks and pluses to how Americans go about teaching their young people to get the best education they can. 

I just finished this illustration last month (Jan ’15) on a subject that’s been making a lot of news over the past few years: ”Common Core”. What it means for our children’s education and the overall education throughout America. 

You can visit my portfolio with EdWeek, and know a little more about the process that I go through when coming up with an illustration for an article, by clicking the image below.