I've been illustrating for 30 years. My focus has been in Editorial Illustration. I like to incorporate hand-drawn portraiture, hand lettering and digital texturing in my pieces. I work in both traditional and digital mediums.  

My illustrations are influenced by my time spent in urban environments during my study years at George Washington University, where I graduated with a BA and MFA. In addition to spending most of my life in the Adirondacks, I've traveled to Kenya, Malaysia, and have lived in the Seychelles Islands; I allow the essence and aesthetics of those experiences to channel into my work. My illustrative instinct flows into my paintings, I like what that adds to them. 

Choosing the life of an illustrator has given me a unique insight into life, I still enjoy it after so many years. When I'm not working on illustration projects, I keep my creative flow going through drawing in my sketchbooks, painting with acrylics, carving images into wooden surfaces, building constructs out of recycled material.


New York Times | Washington Post | Wall Street Journal | The Carter Center | Scholastic | Sports illustrated | The Atlanta Hawks | Discovery Channel | Turner Networks | The George Washington University | Penn State University | Emory University | University of Iowa Press | Avon | UPS | FedEx | Coca Cola | Education Week | Northeastern Loggers | Red Coral Seychelles | Adirondack Life | Korn Ferry | Adirondack Daily Enterprise | Texas Highway Magazine