Nip Rogers is a reliable and inspired illustrator. His sketches always reveal an understanding of the content and a creative perspective.During the decades we have collaborated, his style has evolved and developed to keep up with changing trends, stay fresh and remain relevant. Nip is one of our GO-TO illustrators.
— Vanessa Solis, Associate Art Director of Education Week
I love how the artist imagines the scene – the lonely house on the plains with a single light glowing upstairs, the light from the explosion in the lower night sky. I like the scale of the illustration. I love the blues and greens – the way that palette gives a natural feel which evokes the whole collection – beyond the title story. My favorite element is the faded honeycomb in the background of the deep blue sky. That’s an inspired stroke. It adds intrigue and even irony – the “pattern” suggests routine which is disrupted by a horrific event.
— Josh Rolnick, author of Pulp and Paper on his book cover design
Working with Nip over the years has been a pleasure. The fact that his work is exceptional becomes obvious to the observer after visiting his website. The additional fact that he’s easy-going, professional, and delivers on his promised deadlines is not as obvious but perhaps is just as important in today’s business environment.
— Joseph E. Phaneuf, Executive Director of Northeastern Loggers
I absolutely love your Seychelles paintings ... They have such a great feel.
— Nate Williams, Illustrator and founder of Illustration Mundo
It was a great adventure working with you, Nip. Your designs are fantastic. There is a pinch of magic in your illustrations that makes people happy! I hope to collaborate with you for another project. Many thanks.
— Aurelie Etienne-Simon, Events Co-ordinator of La Plaine St. André and Takamaka Bay
In many of your drawings, the color blows my mind. They actually look like light is showing through the drawings!
— Dan Bonetati, Art director and illustrator
Storytelling through a single image.
— Dropr, Online creative platform
I absolutely adore your style, flowing and calm. I’m positively green-eyed.
— Sophie Quinn, Illustrator and designer
Nip Rogers has been in my group for over 20 years. In all that time, I have never seen him slow down. When he is not busy creating illustrations for the publishing field, he is always stretching his art in new ways. While many artists working solo in their studios often feel isolated from the broader community, Nip goes out of his way to connect with other artists wherever they may live.
— Kiki Pollard, Art rep
Very nice! Your artwork is beautifully composed and uncluttered, classic but contemporary, and the website reflects it perfectly; extremely elegant, stylish and professional. The best thing I’ve seen around for a while, thank you for sharing it!
— Catherine Archer-Wills, Designer
Very nice material for Reason 2 Smile, beautiful colors. Congratulations on portraits for John Brown movement ... reminds me of Moebius Sometimes!
— Andrea Marongiu, Comic illustrator
I really like your work, especially the illustrations of Quote the Famous.
— Laura Casarsa, Project manager at Illustrative
Oh wow, what a BEAUTIFUL painting Nip. The palm trees, the greenery, the hills, the clock tower, all so great! I am totally jealous of your trip. Such a fantastic way to commemorate your trip. Thanks for sharing it!!
— Nate Padavick, Illustrator and founder of They Draw And Travel
The Seychelles have always been a dream destination of mine! You’ve created such a lush scene that I almost feel like I’ve taken a little trip ;-). It looks every bit as beautiful as I’ve always imagined. Great painting Nip!
— Salli Swindell, illustrator and founder of They Draw and Travel